I am a public historian, working to help the public better understand the past and why it matters. My expertise is in the history of race, slavery, and identity in the United States, Latin America, and the Atlantic World. Currently, I serve as senior manager, strategic initiatives with the American Association for State and Local History, where I manage and direct our involvement in several initiatives, programs, and partnerships, including History Relevance, the 250th anniversary of the United States, the History Leadership Institute, and others. I am also editor of our quarterly magazine History News and the managing editor of our book series, published in partnership with Rowman and Littlefield, Inc.

I completed my Ph.D. in history at Rice University in 2016. I am currently editing my book manuscript, tentatively titled Black Freedom: Racial Identity and Social Mobility in the African Americas. This project, a comparative study of free people of color in the urban Americas, examines the development of racial identity and community among free people of color as they crafted lives and claimed rights during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

I am the Co-Editor, with Whitney Stewart, of Race and Nation in the Age of Emancipations: An Atlantic World Anthology, an edited collection available now from University of Georgia Press. I have published work with Atlantic StudiesSouthwestern Historical Quarterly, and several digital outlets.


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